Seiko SKX007 Review

if you’re looking out for the best affordable watches. No doubt you do a good amount of study. There’s loads of threads on the watch forums – and there’s one watch which always will get a mention. That is the Seiko SKX007.  Available on Amazon for approximately £150+, it’s pretty good. A reliable Seiko movement, a certified ISO divers watch, simple but pleasant style, and the kind of build quality you’d expect from one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world.

Still, I think it’s great to do an honest, in-depth review of this giant in the affordable watch Network.


The case is reasonably simple, however ergonomic in its design and provides a little different to the norm.

It measures in at 41mm in diameter, with a height of 13.25mm. This to me is a fine respectable yet impressive looking divers watch size, which will suit and fit many people.

Regarding the weight, it’s got some heft to it however, not so much that you can’t lift your wrist. The case by itself weighs in at 80g  , and it’s about 100g on a leather strap, and 135g on the Seiko jubilee bracelet. 

 The case on the SKX007 is perfect. It’s brushed on the top, and mirror polished on the sides and back. The brushed finish is very light and gentle, and the polished finish is spotless and mirror-like. The case also has a very nice chamfered edge along the top edge of the sides.

One thing I really like regarding the case is its fluidity because of its ergonomic shape and lines. The sides curve around perfectly below the case towards the caseback, creating a distinctive bulge when looked on lug-on. The screw-in crown is located at 4, and the crown guards are moulded straight from the case in a very curvaceous style. They extend the whole length of the crown, so it’s very well protected. This may mean, however, that it can be a little difficult to unscrew the crown as a lot of it is obscured. The grip is a little on the minimal side as well. The teeth don’t provide much purchase at all. Finally, I’m a little saddened that the crown doesn’t have any kind of markings or engraving on the end. Rather it’s a very plain polished matter with nothing on.

Sitting on top of the case is Seiko’s popular Hardlex crystal. Hardlex is a lot more scratch resistant than mineral crystal, however, not as much as sapphire. Mineral crystal can be 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Hardlex is 8, and sapphire is 9. Hardlex offers slightly better shatter resistant qualities than sapphire, and is clearer as well. So what you lose out on in scratch resistance you gain elsewhere.

It is also a lot less expensive too, which is one of the reasons why a lot of Seikos like the SKX007, Monster and Seiko 5 range can be such a reasonable price. It is incredibly very clear, which is one of the reasons why the SKX007 is so pleasing to the eye – it’s amazing what a decent crystal can do. 

It reduces glare and reflections impressively. It has a slight beveled edge where it meets up with the bezel which is done with accuracy.

The bezel is another well known good of the Seiko SKX007. The activity is silky smooth, providing favorable audible clicks at every point. 

Being a certified ISO divers watch, the bezel is unidirectional – therefore it can only go counter clockwise. This is so you can use it to time the quantity of oxygen you have in your dive. In case you accidentally knocked the bezel, this can’t shift the way that will make it look like you have more oxygen than you do.

It’ll only go the best way to say that you have less time, so you never ever run out of air. The bezel rotates 120 clicks, and is a little misaligned to the right which is a outrage. Although it’s not a major problem, as much watch manufacturers fail to get this right so it’s not like it’s a dreadful failure. 

The bezel insert is a best fit, and the minute markers are flawless. There’s a lume pip located at 12, within a triangle. This is very neat and tidy and the lume will be the same impressive Seiko strength since the hands and dial markers. 

The solid screw-in caseback is very bulbous, raising the watch up off your wrist a couple of mm. The wave logo is an homage to Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, a beautiful colour woodblock print out piece of art dating around 1830.

This really is one of the most reproduced pieces of art in the world, and you’ll even find it in your emoji keyboard on your phone . Anyway, I digress. It’s an attractive choice for a caseback in this instance because not only does it support Seiko’s Japanese national heritage, it’s the perfect selection for a diver – an okinami is, after all, a good apt object to have on a divers watch. The wave is remarkably stamped and machined into the caseback, with good accuracy and depth. 

Finally, it’s worth noting the fact that lugs are 22mm wide, therefore they’ll fit a wide range of nice straps. 

It’s also good to mention that this SKX007 has a rating of 200m / 20ATM water resistance, so you can wear it scuba diving and is another requirement of its ISO certification. 

All in every, the case is very nice. You’d definitely be hard pushed to find a much better finished one at this price. The one thing I’m disappointed in is the crown – with its lack of marking on the end and the grip too. But the rest is great.


The dial is very modest and bold – just what you require when diving. The lumed hr markers and strong hands would be the key focus, providing excellent presence against the dark dial. The black colour is a pleasant deep black, although not jet black – it offers a subtle charcoal appearance into it.

The hour markers are full painted lume, which is that recognized Seiko strength which lasts all day and charges quickly. The marker at 12 is a triangle with a thin line extending from the bottom point, and the markers at six and nine are elongated ellipses, again with a thin line extending towards the centre of the dial. 

These small lines don’t actually serve any purpose aside from being quite a nice visual function. The other hour markers are discs, and all make up quite a distinctive feature of the SKX007.

Let’s discuss one of the main things Seiko’s known for – the outstanding lume. The SKX007 has stacks of LumiBrite used on it – the hands and hour markers are all very well rendered with the stuff. It’s application can be thick and even, and it provides endless light from minimal charge. I’d even go as far as saying that the particular lume on this SKX007 is better than the lume on the Seiko Monster I actually reviewed quite a while back.


The bracelet that included my Seiko is the Jubilee, making it the Seiko SKX007K2. I must say from the outset that I was planning on a similar quality bracelet to the Seiko Monster. Alas I was quite let down. 

The main thing going for the jubilee bracelet is how comfortable it is. Because each link is so short, it moulds about your wrist with ease and feels great. 

But, I’ve found that’s where the pleasantries end. The end links are hollow, and don’t match the case very well or follow the lines with good enough accuracy. And I was bitterly disappointed when the sealed pin for the pivot of the locking flap on the buckle broke after light wear, resulting in the whole thing falling aside. I was a little surprised with this. Simply for reference, the bracelet measures 22mm wide at the lugs, and 20mm wide at the buckle.

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Seiko SKX007 is an evergreen diving watch. It’s just a classic watch that I will highly recommend for those just starting to venture into the automatic watch world. It’s very affordable, made of the highest quality and is not shy to take a beating. Rest assured that your timekeeping device is something that can even withstand the huge water pressure at 660 feet below.

Hope you guys enjoy this Seiko SKX007 review. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by putting them in comment box below. Till next time.

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